New World School of the Arts presents "Exposed"

BFA Dance Concert at the New World Dance Theater
February 22 and 23, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

As one of the most anticipated performances of the college year, the College BFA Dance Concertmarks the most comprehensive and final project delivered by NWSA’s dance aspiring graduates. Led by NWSA dance faculty member Dale Andree and MaryLisa Burns, Dean of the dance division, this year’s concert consists of eleven pieces choreographed and performed by the 2013 graduating class. The show centers on the process of being or becoming “exposed” and how each of the young dancers is able to externalize and share that concept through their choreography.

“This year’s BFA concert “Exposed” presents a new generation of dancers/choreographers exploring themes of love, loss and connection. The dances on the evening’s program reveal each dancer and choreographer in ways that are personal and profound ranging from witty, up-tempo insights into human interactions to highly charged reflections on death and the persistence of hope.
The dances are contemporary in style, showing the range and versatility of these young performers who share their passion for dance in a program that will both engage and inspire,” explained Mary Lisa Burns.

Among the featured works is Justin Perez’s Satori. This dance explores the choreographer’s brother’s death and his effort to reconcile and come to peace with that event. “Using the actual reporting audio I made a sound collage that leads the audience from the reality of the tragedy to the ultimate resolution,” explained Perez.

Concrete Jungle by Ricky Dume was inspired by the chaos experienced in the everyday life of New York City. Dume says, “After spending a summer in New York City I was inspired to choreograph a piece that brings the energy of New York, the chaos, the everyday cycle of subway rides and street encounters onto the stage. I’ve created the illusion of a subway car from which the dancers enter and exit on their way to and from the drama of the streets.”

Alyssa Thompson, whose choreography remains untitled, says that she was inspired by the poem “Maggie and millie and Molly and may” by e.e.cummings. “I wanted to create the feelings of the beach that the poem evoked in me. Using live guitar music I hope to take the audience on a journey of joyful sand castles and breaking waves on a summer day.”

The New World Dance Theater
25 NE 2nd Street, Eighth Floor
Miami, FL 33125

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