Teatro en Miami presents Ode to Torture

From Jul 9th through Aug 2010.

altPlaywright Ernesto Garcia returns to the Miami stage with his new play “Ode to Torture” which opens on July 9th, 2010 at Teatro en Miami Studio with actors Jorge Hernandez, Sandra Garcia, Leandro Peraza, and Alain Casalla.
A couple of explosions have occurred in the city. Three suspects have been apprehended and interrogated. One confesses and informs that a third explosion will take place that night but the interrogators are unable to find out where it is taking place. By personal request from the Interior Minister, Don Ramiro has been summoned. Don Ramiro is a feared and highly experienced military interrogator, a professional who has postponed his retirement one more day to take care of this case. There is only one hour left.

“The play is a Thriller that seeks to venture in the dark side of torture, its feelings and the commotion it brings to both sides: the tormentor and its victim,” clarifies Ernesto Garcia, who as in previous plays, is responsible for the music and the designs. “I am more interested in telling a story, an illusionary fable that condenses the history of human beings; the only animals capable of inflicting pain to others in order to seek information.”

Garcia scrutinizes both sides of the coin, the struggle between different ideologies and they way they see the world. The spectator must reach at its own conclusion. There are no “bad guys” or “good guys.”  There are clear perspectives and each character has motives and reasons for his behavior, including those that our culture will not deem as criminals.

Teatro en Miami Studio
2500 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135

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