The Birdcage on 35mm in Afterhours at Coral Gables Art Cinema

Sat Sep 14, 2019

Armand (Robin Williams) is the openly gay owner of The Birdcage, a South Beach drag club where his life partner, Albert (Nathan Lane), performs as the star attraction. Their idyllic and flamboyant lifestyle is uprooted when Armond’s son arrives to announce his relationship with, and intent to marry, a young woman whose father happens to be an ultra conservative Republican senator (Gene Hackman).

The Birdcage is a hilarious, spirited, and witty film whose energy stems from a trio of bravura performances as well as an acerbic script by none other than Elaine May, a longtime collaborator of filmmaker Mike Nichols. Its poignancy lies in combining its humor with its message, adroitly pointing out that trying to hide what makes one different is an outrageous task and accepting the dignity and humanity of others is paramount.

U.S., 1996, 117 min, 35mm, Dir. Mike Nichols, Rated R, Park Circus

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