The Miami Downtown Development Authority Unveils the Second DWNTWN Art Window

Through April 30, 2013.

The Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA) unveiled the second installment of the DWNTWN Art Window program. The project, titled “Electric Lunch,” is a live radio show broadcasting every Wednesday and Friday during the peak hours of noon – 3pm, through April 30, 2013, at the historic Alfred I. DuPont Building in downtown Miami. DWNTWN Art Window was initiated by the Miami DDA to inspire and showcase artists working in Miami while bringing new audiences into the City’s urban core.

Two days a week, Patricia Hernandez will conduct a radio show that will include special performances, lectures, and live interviews through the duration of the exhibition. She invites the public not only to listen on person or via live stream, but also to participate and be interviewed for the show.

“The DWNTWN Art Window is one part of the Miami DDA’s ongoing arts and culture initiative,” said Alyce Robertson, Executive Director for the Miami DDA. “With this program, we are bringing artists into the urban core to exhibit their work, while inviting interaction from the public and activating vacant store fronts.”

The idea for “Electric Lunch” comes from the concept of pirate radio stations. Pirate radio is the use of unregulated audio exchange dependent only upon the acquisition of a transistor and the will to occupy vacant radio frequencies. As a powerful form of communication, pirate radio is available to anyone in range with a basic radio. It is this specific brand of interventionist radio and audio culture, which Patricia Hernandez is ushering and now manifesting as online radio.

Visit the “Electric Lunch” storefront for instructions on how to participate or visit the web address to listen live: The DWNTWN Art Window program is a free art exhibit will change every two months showcasing artistic talent and creativity from South Florida. For more information please visit

Alfred I. DuPont Building
176 NE 1st Street
Miami, FL 33131

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