The Naked Stage. Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit

From Oct 29th through Nov 21st, 2010.

altFollowing their Palm Beach County premiere of the fourth annual 24-Hour Theatre Project, The Naked Stage is delighted to present the this classic work by Jean-Paul Sartre. Sartre was a French philosopher famous as an existentialist. Throughout the course of his life (1905-1980), he wrote treatises, plays, essays, and novels. His fictional work was generally intended as a medium through which he could explore his bigger philosophical ideas.

No Exit is a 1944 existential masterpiece. Three strangers find themselves in hell; they are escorted, one by one, into a room by a mysterious bellboy, who fails to reveal what they are to expect for the rest of eternity. Little by little, the plot thickens as they become more and more aware of themselves, each other, and the reason why the three of them were put together.

No Exit stars Naked Stage Artistic Director Katherine Amadeo, Deborah L. Sherman, Andy Quiroga and Mark Della Ventura and is directed by Naked Stage Co-Founding Members, Antonio Amadeo and John Manzelli. 

The Naked Stage at the Pelican Theatre

Barry University
11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33161

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