The Playground Theatre. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.

From Feb 17th through Mar 14th, 2010.

One of The PlayGround Theatre’s successes, Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz’ adaptation of Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez’ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings returns to the stage to entertain young audiences from February 17th through March 14th, 2010. Artistic Director Stephanie Ansin again directs A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, and continues The PlayGround Theatre’s mission to bring the magic of live theater to children of all ages.

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Cruz’ first play for young people was developed in 2002 at the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis.  Adapted by Cruz from a García Márquez short story of the same title published in the 1955 collection, “Leaf Storm and Other Stories,” the play takes place in a remote Caribbean town, where one evening, a mysterious creature resembling a very old man with enormous wings, falls from the sky.  Found by two children, fear turns to understanding when they, and eventually the villagers, realize this strange “angel” means them no harm, but is a symbol of the healing and love he can bring to their world.

In an artist’s statement, Cruz wrote, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is close to my heart.  I am attracted to Master García Márquez’ work because of his use of lyrical images.  Like García Márquez, I make use of magic realism in my plays, although I call it realism that is magical.  My characters usually leave their immediate reality through the imagination. 

The whole landscape of Mr. García Márquez’ work lends itself to grand and fantastic theater. He has a way of capturing both adult and young audiences with his whimsical and humorous imagination.”

Set and puppet design are by Emil Kapelush, costumes by Yana Glushanok, lighting by S. Ryan Schmidt, and original music by Luciano Stazzone, Fernando Diez and Luciana De Oto with sound design by Luciano Stazzone and choreography by Octavio Campos.

The PlayGround Theatre
9806 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33138

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