Titzina Teatro

XXII International Hispanic Theatre Festival From Jul 20th through 21st, 2007The International Hispanic Theatre Festival, presented by Teatro Avante will bring to the stage this month the group Titzina Teatro based in Barcelona, Spain. The presentation will feature the play Entrañas (Insides) written by Diego Lorca, Pako Merino, Laia Martí and Stefan Metz and directed by Stefan Metz. News that she is pregnant arouses in Sole the need to delve into her past and undertake a physical and emotional journey that will change her life. It is a journey in which past, present and future overlap to take the audience deep into a subject about which most of us, like Sole, know very little: war. This event will take place at the Prometeo Theatre at MDC’s Wolfson Campus located at 300 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami. For more information, please call: 305.445.8877

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