Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre

Mid Life! The Crisis Musical. From Jul 9th through Aug 10th, 2008.  Actors’ Playhouse. Miami TheatersActors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre presents a summer musical that is sure to please, if you can remember it. Mid Life! The Crisis Musical, which runs July 9th through August 10th, 2008, is a new musical revue that celebrates the mid-life maladies that are unavoidable to both men and women prior to their golden years.

Realistic, sensitive and funny, Mid Life! addresses the issues we all face when getting older, whether it is with grandparents, parents, or ultimately ourselves. Mid Life! The Crisis Musical takes a heartfelt and humorous look at the inevitabilities of aging and offers a refreshingly candid view of the process.

Artistic Director David Arisco has selected a talented and comedically gifted cast to portray each hysterical scene. Actors in the cast include Maribeth Graham, Barry Tarallo, Wayne Steadman, Lourlene Snedeker and Allan Baker.

For more information, please call: 305.444.9293

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