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Off the Wall. From Jun 14th through Jul 31st, 2008.Panamerican Art Projects. Miami GalleriesPanamerican Art Projects is presenting a summer group exhibition featuring works by artists Gene Pearson, William Cannings and Carolina Sardi, Hernan Dompe, Dora Isdatne, Nora Correas, Jose Benito, Colin Garland,  Leon Ferrari and Carlos Enrique, in the project room.

Off the Wall is an exhibition featuring the works of artists from Cuba, Argentina, Jamaica and the United States. From Cuba, there are  works by Carlos Estevez, Los Carpinteros, Mendive and Carlos Gonzalez among others; from Argentina works by Hernan Dompe, Dora Isdatne, Nora Correas, Jose Benito and Leon Ferrari; from Jamaica Gene Pearson and Colin Garland; and from the United States William Cannings.

The range of materials varies from the traditional wood sculpture, clay, bronze, inflated steel to innovative mixed media. The variety of the pieces is an attempt to show the different aspects addressed by the contemporary sculptors.

In the project room, the gallery will be showcasing for the very fist time in Miami the work of the Cuban sculptor Carlos Enrique Pardo. Following the tradition started by Duchamp many years ago Carlos Enrique is working from the idea of the ready made object. What seems at the first glance as an appropriation is really his point of departure.

For more information, please call: 305.573.2400

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