Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida's 10th Anniversary

November, 2007.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. Miami ArtistsArts Ballet Theatre of Florida is celebrating its 10th anniversary. What started as a youth semi-professional company in 1997 has already eleven professional dancers in its corps. The concept of the company, similar to Joven Ballet de Camara de Madrid, and Le Jeune Ballet de France, is to give recent talented ballet graduates the opportunity to acquire performing experience and increase their repertoire while getting additional training to further improve their careers.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida is lead by Russian Ballet Master Vladimir Issaev. He  helps to polish their technique, refine their sense of style, and increase their confidence in performing. Already with an extensive repertoire in classical and neo classical pieces, the company has already performed internationally in Poland, Denmark and looking forward to performing in Germany and Luxembourg for the spring of 2008.

“I am in search of the 12th dancer, male, recent graduated, talented and ready to work hard” says Vladimir Issaev. “The idea is to give young dancers from South Florida the opportunity to stay in Miami, but we are open to receive company members from other areas and have them stay here and increase the interest for classical ballet in the area”.

The commitment of the dancers goes beyond the many performances and the variety of repertoire during an entire season in Miami Dade and Broward as the company also participates extensively in educational outreach programs for the public schools of the area.

For more information, please call: 305.935.3232

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