UM's Wynwood Project Space

From October 13th through Nov 2nd, 2007.

UM's Wynwood Project Space. Miami ArtThe University of Miami presents Phantasm, an exhibition of new works by thirteen MFA students from Florida International University, Miami International University, Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami.  MFA candidates from these schools were invited to submit work with no restrictions on form, theme or media.

Improbably, much of the work proved to be figurative and charged with a 19th century Symbolist ethos. Phantasm is indicative of a larger return to emotional sincerity, earthy spirituality and the phantasmagoric in art.  As in the 19th century movement, the extremes of innocence and cruelty, pain and pleasure, mysticism and earthiness, form a syncretic worldview that is profoundly humanist at heart. Artists in the exhibition are Park McArthur, Lili Dominguez, Georgeta Fondos, Courtney Johnson, Kim Yantis, Angel Clyman, Iliana Sandoval, Shari McWilliams, Odilon Redon, Amanda McDonald, Rebeca Gilling, Lucinda Linderman, Mitch Blessing and Frank George Kanelos.
Intimacy, fantasy, naturalism and magic have returned to art with full force, and the thirteen artists in Phantasm are at the forefront of this trend. Phantasm was curated by Logan R. Beitmen, the new gallery director at the University of Miami. Before coming to UM in 2007, Beitmen curated exhibitions in New York City and worked as a freelance art consultant.  He graduated from Bard College in 2001.  

For more information, please call: 305.284.2792

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