CLIMAX by Gaspar Noé at Miami Beach Cinematheque

64068 - Thu Mar 21, 2019

From director Gaspar Noé (Irreversible; Enter the Void; Love 3D) comes a hypnotic, hallucinatory, and ultimately hair-raising depiction of a party that descends into delirium over the course of one wintry night. In Climax, a troupe of young dancers gathers in a remote and empty school building to rehearse. Following an unforgettable opening performance lit by virtuoso cinematographer Benoît Debie (Spring Breakers; Enter the Void) and shot by Noé himself, the troupe begins an all-night celebration that turns nightmarish as the dancers discover they’ve been pounding cups of sangria laced with potent LSD. Tracking their journey from jubilation to chaos and full-fledged anarchy, Noé observes crushes, rivalries, and violence amid a collective psychedelic meltdown. Starring Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde) and a cast of professional dancers, Climax is Noé’s most brazen and visionary statement yet.

WINNER: Cannes Film Festival C.I.C.A.E Award
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Best Feature Film And Best European Fantastic Feature Film
Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival Best Film

SAT, MAR 09, 9p:
Directed by GASPAR NOÉ/France/2019/1hr, 35mins.
Cinematography by Benoît Debie
With Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub, Kiddy Smile,
Claude Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull, Giselle Palmer, Taylor Kastle,
Thea Carla Schott, Sharleen Temple, Lea Vlamos, Alaia Alsafir, Kendall Mugler, Lakdahar Dridi, Adrien Sissoko, Mamadou Bathily

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