Dance Now! Ensemble 8th Season Premiere

From Feb 9th through Feb 10th, 2008.

Dance Now Ensemble. Miami ArtistsThe Dance Now! Ensemble (DNE) opens its 2008 concert season with the premiere of its newest work, Secondary Colors, at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. In Secondary Colors, artistic directors, Hannah Baumgarten and Diego Salterini, demonstrate the power of their partnership that has matured and created a fantastic synergy during the eight years they have co-directed DNE. They blend the dance forms of ballet, modern and jazz as painters mix pigments to create their own colors. On February 9th and 10th, bodies in motion will paint the stage to create a work of art of bold strokes countered by nuanced hues.

Secondary Colors explores how color impacts human senses. The choreographers use the natural interplay of color, light, sound, and movement to take the audience on a journey.  Secondary Colors opens with Green – subdued and classical, transforms into Purple – edgy and dissonant, and resolves with Orange, a vibrant and energetic finale.

As with contemporary arts, so too does contemporary dance weave together many historic and aesthetic strands. Nothing remains in pure form. DNE has made this blending of forms its signature, enabled by the unique collaboration of its two artistic directors. Taking the spirit of collaboration a step further, the lighting and costume designers for Secondary Colors, Bruce F. Brown and Floyd Nash, are working in tandem to inject a visual perspective from the choreographic inception.

For more information, please call: 305.975.8489

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