Discover Miami: The Multicultural Festival.

March 25th, 2006Miami is one of the most varied and international places in the world, with a unique Latin American and Caribbean flavor. While Miami is widely recognized as a wold-class cultural and tourist mecca, the treasures that exist in its vibrant neighborhoods are often overlooked or unknown to many. Discover Miami is a multi cultural festival produced by Music Fest Miami and it focuses on bringing new audiences and visitors into the Miami communities, building bridges through music and culture, highlighting both our unique identities as well as our commonalties. On March 25th, 2006 from early in the morning until the sunset Miami will breathe the air of a big festival. From Little Havana with its Latin flavor, Downtown Miami representing the native American culture, Overtown with the African-American and Caribbean, Performing Arts Districts with the Jewish traditions, and Little Haiti of course portraying the Haitian culture will offer all kinds of music, performances, art food and crafts from these particular communities. Discover Miami combines the best aspects of a street fair, a large multi-site event, e history lesson and an adventurous journey. Among the many Miami based performers to be featured as part of Discover Miami will be Siete Rayo, Suenalo Sound System, Mercy Torres, Broadway Class Act, Heat Wave, Miami Top Brass, The Decotones, Harmonic Motion among many others. For more information, please call: 305.373.0011

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