Faktura Gallery opens Here I Sit

From June 24th through July 12th, 2006Here I Sit brings together an unlikely selection of artists, ranging from graffiti outlaws to self-proclaimed sell-out graphic designers, in a group show that asks: “How ‘low’ can we go.” In an experiment using the great equalizer, human beings’ one form of production shared by all, the throne of kinds and serfs: the toilet seat. Here I Sit invites over twenty-five artists to take on the issues of anonymity, public vs. private space, the need for vandalism, communication with an unknown viewer, the feeling of immediacy and private interaction in a show consisting of revamped toilet seats exhibited in the public arena of a contemporary art space. The show also raises questions about the popular intersection of the underground appeal of graffiti art, the sell-out appeal of commercial art, and the continued commodification of graffiti being sold as Lowbrow art. Each artist has a very different background, and has been creating art for a multitude of reasons in a huge variety of genres. Here I Sit brings these different genres of creation together in a disgracefully entertaining assessment of the state of artistic production and viewership in Miami. For more information, please call: 305. 758.9005

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