Intensely Superficial

Artformz Alternative. From Jan 13th through Mar 6th, 2007Artformz Alternative is hosting a group show where the artists Vanessa Garcia, Matthew Kern, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Oscar Manuel Vargas, and others, each use a unique creative language to explore the seductive surface of two dimension work. Whether incorporating collage, photography, written text, paint, or charcoal, these artists succeed at producing intelligent and fascinating images in one of current art world’s most challenging disciplines – Painting. Given the freedom artists have today of working with any material such as food, hair dye or chocolate and on any surface floors, windows, roof tops or ping-pong balls, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find an audience for work that is simply to be hung on the wall, and that confines itself to only two dimensions: height and width. When a painting is successful it captures and resonates deep within the viewer’s very personal experience. Long after the observer has mover on it remains in their conscious. “Intensely Superficial” will introduce new artists as well as more familiar ones, whose work accomplishes just this. For more information, please call: 305.572.0040

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