Felice Grodin: Invasive Species at PAMM

Through Sun Jun 30, 2019

Felice Grodin: Invasive Species is a virtually interactive, digital exhibition of commissioned works by Miami-based artist Felice Grodin. The series employs the technology of augmented reality, and is accessible to visitors using iOS devices in PAMM’s outdoor areas and in the Padma and Raj Vattikuti Learning Theater on the museum’s first floor.

By drawing on her training as an architect, Grodin analyzes the relationship between physical and mental territories. She explores the mutable within landscape, architecture, and our urban surroundings. Featuring four site-specific digital works, Invasive Species virtually interacts with PAMM’s architecture and transforms the museum’s environment as a response to Miami’s ecological reality. For example, in Terrafish (2017–18), Grodin overlaps PAMM’s hanging gardens on the waterfront terrace with the translucent body of the digital species she created—a work suggestive of nonnative jellyfish found in South Florida waters. In Field Report [2518] (2017–18), cryptic signs run over the entrance grounds of the museum carrying a subliminal message from the future. By drawing on the destructive impact of invasive species and creating new digital environments, Grodin highlights the transformative and unstable state of our ecosystem, speculating about a not-so-distant future affected by climate change and overtaken by uncanny creatures.

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