Poner el Universo en Orden Otra Vez: José Bedia at Fredric Snitzer Gallery

February 20 - March 26, 2022
José Bedia, Deidad de las casas, 2022, Acrylic on linen, 118 x 188 1/2 inches

Solo exhibition of new works by Cuban-born artist José Bedia. Composed of work produced over the last two years, this exhibition recaptures Bedia’s link to artistic traditions of Indigenous cultures and expands upon his most recent trips to West Africa. The exhibition’s title suggests finding “order” within the surrounding chaos of the universe, a starting point for the artist’s overall arching themes between the two presented bodies of work.

The large-scale paintings that dominate the primary gallery are a novel departure for the artist, combining geometric, abstract elements with counteracting, gestural imprints of the artists physical hand sweeping the painting’s surface. Figuration and spiritual iconography remain but are now coupled with new vibrant hues of yellow, pink, turquoise, orange, and blue.

This intentional surface interference continues with a series of medium format textile works. His interest in handmade textiles formed from recent trips to West Africa, in particular visits to Mali and Burkina Faso. Working closely in tandem with a community center in Segu to choose textiles in mid-process, Bedia infuses his own elements within them while maintaining the spirit of the textile. Within this selection are iconic examples of the artists oeuvre and special tributes to the region.

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