Freddick Bratcher and Company. Season Finale Concert

From May 19th through 21st, 2006Freddick Bratcher and Company, long acknowledged as South Florida’s premier contemporary dance company, will once again astound audiences during its annual season finale concert. The impressive line up of dance works includes an appealing mix of modern and jazz dance styles, perfectly complimented by a diverse mix of music. The 2006 Season Finale Concert may easily be coined as the “Human Experience” concert. Bratcher has been known for his unique ability to tell stories through his dance works, and his gift for relating to the human condition. This season concert will continue to reveal the choreographic intensity and humanistic understanding that Bratcher so readily interprets. A premiere work “White Lennon” by Bratcher is set to the music of John Lennon during the height of the new age therapy. The Lennon work explores the inner searching that individuals may encounter when returning to the “primal” state in their lives – sometimes painful, sometimes joyous, and sometimes indifference. A play on the words white linen, “White Lennon” suggests the cleansing and purity found at the end of this journey. “White Lennon” will no doubt capture the hearts and minds of audiences. Offering a series of mature dances that probe into the human psyche, the premiere is sure to lead audiences to reflect on their own inner-child. The evening is complimented by “Co-op”. Originally choreographed in 1997, “Co-op” is a dynamic work that represents the group interactions of a community and is set to traditional Japanese music. Described as a piece that “… created a powerful sense of a community bonded by physical ritual, one poised between explosive energy and restraint.” by the Miami Herald. “Co-op” will also premiere a prelude set to the sounds of nature, creating a powerful intensity that explodes into the energetic movements that are accompanied by the drum beats of the music. Returning is the first half of “Working Class Hero” that deals with the socialization of children in an educational setting. Premiered at the 25th Anniversary concert, this thought provoking piece explores how the economic decline of a society often times leads to government-based initiatives, such as the “No Child Left Behind Act” and the ironic drafting of youth in war-time to help boost the economy. The choreographic improvisational aspect of the work is refreshing and with each performance will offer audiences something new. Performances will take place at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach Friday 19th and Saturday 20th at 8:00 pm and Sunday 21st at 3:00 pm. For more information, please call: 305.302.8947

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