GEMS 2019 Opening Night with Almodóvar’ Pain and Glory at Tower Theater

Thu Oct 10, 2019

Pedro Almodóvar’s highly anticipated Pain and Glory will open the 2019 GEMS Film Festival on Thursday, October 10 at MDC’s Tower Theater Miami.

The GEMS Opening Night event will transform MDC’s Tower Theater Miami into “Casa Almodóvar” with a gallery exhibit of classic Almodóvar film posters, images in vignettes, and a post-screening gala party, Sabor de Almodóvar, sponsored by Estrella Damm. Featuring characters from Almodóvar films at the Estrella Damm photo station, partygoers will enjoy the option of a classic Estrella Damm or Inedit, the premium varietal created by master chef Ferran Adrià. A Marqués de Riscal station will feature a fine selection of wines from the famous “City of Wine” in Spain’s Rioja region. Delicious Spanish classics toplined by offerings from Pairings by Tomás Cuadrado, with Covap jamón serrano, croquetas, escabeche, a delicious Spanish churro dessert station, and much more!

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