Green Art Fair

From Dec 2nd through Dec 7th, 2008.   green art fair Miami'08Green Art Fair Miami 2008 will be a single point of contact for the art and design world, eco-friendly businesses and all individuals interested in moving the environmental friendly movement forward. Introducing eco-friendly artists, curators, sustainable designers and galleries to new audiences internationally has made green art fair the most comprehensive destination for the eco-friendly art and design world available anywhere.

Green Art Fair offers the 20 participating art and design galleries, art projects and attending eco-art collector’s access to a unique environment and the ideal space. It is the perfect platform for modern and contemporary galleries and design firms presenting art works and designs that bring new ideas for green living.

Sustainability, economy and efficiency are some of the positive implications that go hand in hand with using recycled/reused materials in art and design, yet the social and cultural implications of reusing materials in the context of art elicit strong support, is one of the best ways to reduce waste. Art also is one of the universal languages that can help to stimulate human sensibilities to cause actions and reactions.

Since early 20th Century, artists and designers have been re-using found objects as a way of commenting on consumer culture, industrial production and the meaning of art. Recycling as a design strategy is often associated with environmentalism, yet it is clearly is more complex than just a desire to tread lightly on the planet. green art fair Miami will highlight the different reasons and ways that artists and designers use reclaimed materials in their work and the different cultural implications that these varying strategies invoke.

green art USA as an environmental friendly team has taken a number of additional steps to reduce the fair’s environmental impact as part of their contribution to the green movement.

Green Art Fair
Midtown Blvd. Between 29th and 30th Street
Miami, FL 33137
[email protected]

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