i.d. art supplies Grand Opening

Presenting Juan José Olavarría From Dec 16th, 2006 through Jan, 2007I.d. art supplies, a new store and exhibition space just opened in Wynwood and it is presenting an installation by Venezuelan artist Juan José Olavarría. This artist creates his works inspired by social activism and participative art, his proposal refers to various aspects such as autism in the arts, the search of self-management training centers and public insensitivity toward the handicapped individuals. Using different means to create his art, such as drawing, assembly, design, photography, video and contexts, Olavarría’s pieces are aimed to the general public who visit museums, squares, parks and streets. His work moves through an uncomfortable ground, where the concepts of arts, aesthetic and usefulness are subject to revision. In this exhibition at i.d. art supplies, Olavarría will present a new video called Disignable filmed from a wheelchair during a ride through the formerly splendid Sabana Grande Boulevard in Caracas . Nowadays, this boulevard has become a huge street market full of kiosks, boxes and mannequins with all kinds of products for sale. For those who suffer from any motor disability, these scenes are really dramatic. During the adventure, the filmmaker experiences all kind of obstacles like no ramps, holes, crowds of people and objects and faces a limited view, which does not exceed the height of his waist. For more information, please call: 305.385.5586

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