The News of the Day

Solo Show by Gustavo Acosta at Alonso Art From Jan 6th through Feb 17th, 2007Alonso Art is presenting the exhibition The News of the Day, a solo show by artist Gustavo Acosta. Through ten works on canvas and six drawings, Gustavo Acosta born in Cuba in 1958, approaches a subject matter very relevant in today’s world; how the media impact our daily lives by shaping not only our vision of the world but our personal values and behavior as well. For this exhibition, the artist goes back to a modus operandi that he was known for at the beginning of his career; an exhibition would evolve around a specific subject, thus compelling the viewer to think about all the new meanings created by juxtaposing this subject to similar historical processes in different circumstances, different cultures and different nations. Accordingly, the images on this exhibitions correspond to events having taken place, or to come, in places like coastal Perú, Northern Spain, Havana, the Gulf of Mexico and Key Biscayne. The images, titles and themes of this exhibition come from the mass media: newspapers and magazines, television, internet and radio. They are a reflection of the neurosis, the apocalyptic vision of the movies and of some contemporary literature; versions of reality that are as imposing as they are ephemeral and frivolous. In the artists own words: “Our traumas last as long as our interest in the current piece of news, or for as long as this one is not yet replaced by the upcoming news”. However, the artists is not poised to judge this state of affairs; he rather sees himself as an accomplice who wants to give all this world of information, that otherwise could be seen as irrelevant, the relevance that has always been accorded to the big themes that fascinate mankind: the origins of things, sins, apocalypses. For more information, please call: 305.576.4142

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