Indian Classical Vocal Concert

August 5th, 2006The Association of Performing Arts of India presents an Indian Classical Vocal Concert featuring Pt. Suman Ghosh, Shantilal Shah and Kedar Nephade. Pt.Suman Ghosh is a renowned vocalist from the Mewati Gharana(school) of Hindustani Classical Music where generations of musicians have emerged with the gift of spirituality. He is a senior disciple of Pandit Jasraj. Through his soulful renderings, the elements of musical aesthetics and spirituality in Pt. Ghosh’s voice comes alive. A rich and mellifluous voice with delicate ornamentations, complete command over the diction of music and an understanding of the rhythm are the hallmarks of his performance. Pt.Suman Ghosh has won many awards including two President’s Awards (instituted by All India Radio), the Sangeet Research Academy Award and the Dover Lane Music Conference Award (Calcutta). This concert will take place at the Broward County Main Library Auditorium located at 100 South Andrews Ave, Ft.Lauderdael, FL on August 5th, 2006. For more information, please call: 954.885.1466

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