Interviewing Fashion Designer Julian Chang.

Miami has turned into a new home for many young talents arriving from all over the world inspired by the cultural grow of the city. Artists, Musicians, Designers have found in Miami a new arena for their careers and it is not surprise that the city is bursting in creativity and glamour. Julian Chang is not an exception. This young designer arrived in Miami seven years ago and his career has been growing at a non-stop vertiginous pace. Being only 25 years old, he was awarded Prêt-à-Porter Designer of the Year from the Fashion Week of the Americas 2004. With its creations, he has already conquered the heart of local fashion lovers and earned a solid reputation in cities like Paris, L.A. and New York. I visit him at his Fashion Gallery on 79th street, a wonderful loft like building that better up the neighborhood with a touch of class and taste, and that is also his place of work. As I browsed his collection I felt awkwardly familiar to space. It was probably the natural light that filters through the glass windows, or the many personal touches that I found in every arrangement, but it was definitely an intimate experience. The space is more than a fashion boutique, and only appeals to one definition, “elegance”. At that point of my visit, all my questions where answered, and I was ready to meet the artist. Cynthia Saez: What is your favorite part of being a fashion designer? Julian Chang: It will definitely be the creative part, I am a very artistic person and I love to experiment and try new things, it is a way to express my self. One of the benefits of being a Fashion Designer is to be surrounded by beautiful things that I enjoy very much. C: Is there any particular aspect in Fashion design that you recognize or use as “Made in Miami”? J: I think that Miami will have a very strong influence in the Fashion Industry in the next 5 years. Miami is a city that stands for sexy and beautiful people, therefore the fashion here is very provocative and colorful and we will be seeing more and more of this on the catwalks. C: Is painting and drawing part of your work process? Which techniques do you use to create your designs? J: I get inspired by fabrics most of the time, I will created a design and then do a sketch that could have simple or more elaborated outlines. Basically I need to put on paper what I have in mind every time I design something new. C: Fashion plays an important role in people’s life and behavior. What is wearing Julian Chang all about? J: Julian Chang stands for individuality and quality, most of my clients are very well educated shoppers and well traveled, so Julian Chang’s collection has to be as good as the fashion in Paris or Japan. C: Do you consider yourself an artist? J: I definitely consider myself an artist. I surround myself by things that inspire me in different aspects of my life. This allows me to create. I think that is also very important to be practical and realistic with my creations. C: You are only 26 years old and have accomplished already a successful career. How do you see your future? J: I have been in the industry for a long time, but I feel like I just started this amazing part of my carrier. Julian Chang was founded 2 years ago and overcome by all of my expectations, I considered myself to be very lucky and blessed and I try not to take things for granted and keep my goals in perspective. I will open more stores around the country by 2006 and bring the brand to an international clientele. By Cynthia Saez. [email protected]

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