JVC Jazz Festival Miami Beach

From May 17th through 21st, 2006The JVC Jazz Festival Miami Beach comes back again to delight audiences in several venues throughout the culturally vibrant music scene of Miami Beach. Main hall performances at the Jackie Gleason Theater and more intimate concerts will be presented at various locations around town including the Lincoln Theatre, the Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club, the Van Dyke Cafe, Jazid and at outdoors on Lincoln Road. This year the festival offers an interesting mix of fresh performers with legendary figures whose music genres are as diverse as their origins. Ranging from traditional jazz and soul from St. Louis, to New York acid jazz to Latin jazz made in Miami, the festival promise a piece of satisfaction for every taste. Young, talented musicians like legendary Jaco Pastorious’s sons Felix and Julius Pastorius will be the main attraction on the opening night at Jazid, Miami Beach with their band, Way of the Groove, also integrated by Adam Lucas and Colin James. Renowned Cuban master, Arturo Sandoval, will perform and host a full evening of Latin Jazz on his new venue at the Deauville Resort of Miami Beach, bringing to the stage figures like Israel “Cachao” Lopez winner of several Grammys and whose contributions to Cuban Music haven’t stopped since the days of Mambo in the early 1950’s. The crossover artists, Medeski, Martin and Wood will bring to North Beach Band Sell the spirit of New York downtown jazz scene while the LeoBoys one of Florida’s finest African-American Sacred Steel Artists, will perform their sacred style rooted in gospel, but infused with blues, jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, country, and world music genres in a powerfully jamming mix. For those Miamians who appreciate Jazz and still believe the best jamming sessions are trapped in their I-pods or among the old records of public radio, think twice and get ready with a Jazzy attire because this May the stars will be shining “live” through the city. For more information, please visit www.festivalproductions.net

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