Miami Lyric Opera L’Elisir D’amore

By Manuela Gabaldon

Some say that the Opera is not for everyone; declared by most as an acquired taste, it is often an intimidating venture for those looking to break into the select aficionado club. Always advocates for the discovery of new, and old, passions in the Miami Art Scene, Opera – and the Miami Lyric Opera to be exact – will be no exception from our MAG list of city musts.

Under the direction of Raffaele Cardone, and with a mission to “enhance the public with an opportunity to discover opera, its history and music as a cultural discipline,” Miami Lyric Opera (MLO) strives – successfully so – to not only keep this art alive, but contemporary, accessible, and in constant evolution with the introduction of new talents.

This season, in celebration of its seventh consecutive year, MLO brought us several amazing pieces, among them Donizetti’s L’Elisir D’amore, with star performances by Jessica Slatkoff Arteaga, Susana Diaz, David Pereira, Oscar Martinez, Daniel Snodgrass, Rebekah Diaz, and Daisy Su. This Italian comic opera, which originally premiered in Milan in the 1800’s, is based on the legend of a love potion and is somewhat of an adaptation or humorous spin-off of Gottfried von Strassburg’s renowned Tristan. This light-hearted romance, and easy transition into the genre for the opera newbie, presents an unexpected twist to the classic legend, proving that people are capable of enchanting each other without the need of a magic love potion.

Jessica Slatkoff Arteaga and Susana Diaz both achieve spectacular portrayals of leading lady Adina, effortlessly belting out the extraordinary arias the role calls for, and captivating their audience just as much as Adina’s suitors, Nemorino and Sergeant Belcore. Daisy Su also delivers a performance to remember in the supporting role of Gianetta, proving that there are definitely no small parts in the hands of great talent like hers. Chorus Master Pablo Hernandez, and Conductor Beverly Coulter, make their presence felt, leading the troops’ impressive delivery of a score that can only be described as “grand”.

The Miami Lyric Opera is a non-profit organization that relies on the loyal support of its patrons and generous donations. Its undying dedication and contagious passion for Opera is palpable at each and every performance, upholding the genre and welcoming art enthusiasts to satisfy their appetite for Miami arts through Opera. President and Artistic Director Raffaele Cardone personally welcomes audiences to most MLO presentations, making us feel at home, and in the presence of a true and elegant ambassador of the arts.

If you would like to become a member, and proud supporter of MLO, you can fill a simple application online through their website

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