Momentum Performs Hansel & Gretel

June 10th, 2006Momentum Dance Company will perform the children’s classic Hansel and Gretel at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 10th at the Coral Gables Library, 3443 Segovia Ave. Free and open to the public, the performance, which is Program IV of the Coral Gables Children’s Library Series, features the premiere of a new work for children, as well as the popular Hansel & Gretel. Momentum’s Hansel and Gretel uses excerpts from Humperdink’s famous opera music to create just the right scary feeling. The Wicked Witch lures children to her candy-covered gingerbread house with the evil intention of eating them! Brave and clever Gretel saves her brother from a terrible fate. The cast includes Father and Mother as well as the Angel that protects children, and the Witch’s evil helper, the Crow. For information, please call: 305-442-8706

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