Tacita Dean: Film Works

MAC @ MAM From Jan 20th through Apr 15th, 2007MAC @ MAM is showing Tacita Dean: Film Works, an exhibition curated by Rina Carvajal, MAC’s Chief Curator and Director. The show features a selection of 16 mm films in which process, transformation, coincidences, fact and fiction play an important role. Having started her artistic career as a painter, Dean discovered the possibilities of the projected images of 16 mm film in the early 90s. By then many artists had adopted a handier, cheaper and more informal medium: video. However, the 16 mm process allowed her to work more physically. The constant ritual of cutting, pasting, rewinding, watching; cutting, pasting, rewinding, and so on that makes up the process of editing a film serves to make time look seamless. When the result is run through the projector we see and hear an amplified version of what has been put together on this tiny strip of film. Dean’s method of working is a very open one. She permits the element of chance to enter the process of research, filming, recording and editing, opening up a channel for her work to flow through rather than directing it from a strict, rigid concept. Coincidences thus have an important status as the concept that forms the basis of the work. For more information, please call:305.455.3333

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