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Abstract Diversity in Painting at Art Space Virginia Miller Galleries

Through Tue Jul 30, 2019

Highly accomplished artists with different visions of abstract painting are being exhibited in “Abstract Diversity in Painting”. For its spring show Virginia Miller, owner and director of Greater Miami’s longest-established contemporary fine art gallery, selected three of the gallery’s leading artists: Florian Depenthal, Ned Evans and Linda Touby. “These artists have been painting for decades and have now reached the mature phase … +

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Subversive Suburbia exhibited at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Through Sat Jul 27, 2019

Mindy Solomon Gallery exhibits Subversive Suburbia, in both its art spaces. Artist featured: GAS (Generic Art Solutions), Jeremy Chandler & Shawn Cheatham, Kate Macdowell and Scot Sothern. From Film to Photography to Sculpture, this exhibition features a wide arrange of media about many contemporary and society-focus issues. Shawn Cheatham and Jeremy Chandler will present the experimental documentary film: Invasive Species. Striking cinematography and a … +

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Candies: Homage to Félix González-Torres. José Manuel Fors on view at Panamerican Art Projects

Through Sat May 4, 2019

Aa tribute, through the piece “Candies. Homage to Félix González Torres. “, to the work of one of the Cuban artists of greater international impact, and with him, to a whole generation that ended up being separated by the circumstances of their time. Fors’s work is deeply self-referential. He is an artist who uses the family environment in order to find meaning … +

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Lines of Fracture on view at David Castillo Gallery

Through Sat Apr 13, 2019

David Castillo Gallery is pleased to present Lines of Fracture, an exhibition of works on paper, painting, fabric, and video by Sanford Biggers, Kate Gilmore, Adler Guerrier, Quisqueya Henriquez, and Glexis Novoa. The represented works are marked by the language of fragmentation; punctuated in breaches between lines on paper; in splits between materials and meanings; and in the hewn surfaces from which … +

Visual Arts

Nicola L.: Silence at Nina Johnson Gallery

Fri Apr 5, 2019 - Sat May 11, 2019

Nina Johnson presents Silence, an exhibition of historic works by the legendary artist Nicola L, opening on April 5th, 2019 with a public reception (5-7 pm) and remaining on view until May 11th, 2019. Silence is the first posthumous exhibition of the artist, who passed away in December. Elegiac and timely, it brings together three bodies of work ranging back to the … +

Visual Arts

A Decade of Realism: Paintings by Renato Meziat at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries

Friday, Nov. 2nd, 2018. 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

“Meziat shares the ability of the best hyperrealists to render ordinary objects in such exquisite detail as to make each so precious that we look at it in a different, more appreciative manner, transcending actuality,” notes Virginia Miller, owner and director of greater Miami’s longest-established contemporary fine art gallery. Along with still lifes, the artist’s favorite subjects include “windows” with thin curtains … +

Visual Arts

LORIS CECCHINI | DIRK SALZ at Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Fri Nov 2, 2018 - Wed Jan 2, 2019

In the work of LORIS CECCHINI (born in Milan, 1969), photography, drawing, sculpture and installation combine to form a unified poetics, the cardinal element of which is transfiguration. Incorporating elements from various interdisciplinary fields from chemistry to new technologies, his work playfully challenges limits of creation in an ever changing fashion. Cecchini has continuously use the concept “organic” as a central element … +

Visual Arts

Ernesto García Sánchez: We are like Parallel Lines at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Sat Sep 8, 2018 - Sat Oct 13, 2018

For Ernesto García Sánchez -Painting- brings the idea of the essential, the relationship between the elements of the pictorial medium with synthesis, with pigmentation in its simplest form. The pictorial elements comprise the greatness of their formal simplicity but at the same time, they also have philosophical connotations. Is it not the act of painting, a celebration of the present, an affirmation … +

Visual Arts

The Pink House at Nina Johnson Gallery

Through Sat Jul 28, 2018

Nina Johnson Gallery exhibits The Pink House. This exhibition was designed by Emmett Moore and includes only works on paper by international and local artists: Anna Betbeze, Ann Craven, Jarrett Earnest , Peter Halley, Aranda/Lasch, Matvey Levenstein, Nicolas Lobo, Joel Mesler and Laurinda Spear. On view through July 28, 2018. Nina Johnson Gallery 6315 NW 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33150

Visual Arts

For Here or to Go at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Sat Jul 28, 2018 - Sat Aug 25, 2018

For Here or to Go presents a selection from New World School Of The Arts Graduates 2018. Featured Artists will be Valeria Guillén, Stephanie Eti Hadad, Patricia Monclus, Charlisa Montrope, Melanie Sarria and Mateo Serna Zapata. The focus of this group exhibition is to illustrate how the liminal has impacted the substance of our individual practices. By articulating our ideas, we navigate through … +

Visual Arts

Emerson Dorsch exhibits I See The Spotlight In You

Fri Jul 27, 2018 - Sat Aug 25, 2018

I See The Spotlight In You: a group exhibition featuring work in various mediums by Miami-based artists and musicians, a blending of painting and performance. I See The Spotlight In You will include work by Kyle Barnette, Chad Barry, David Brieske, Chris Byrd, Robert Chambers, David Quinn Kudsma, Timothy Phillips, Mette Tommerup, and Janese Weingarten. Curated by Clifton Childree. “ Theoretically produced and consumed in … +

Visual Arts

Dot Fiftyone Gallery exhibits “Instants” by Consuelo Castañeda

Thu Jul 12, 2018 - Wed Sep 12, 2018

Instants is a solo exhibition featuring recents works by Consuelo Castañeda. Occupying both of the gallery’s spaces, the exhibition features new paintings, photography and a video animation work created by the artist specially for the exhibition. Consuelo Castañeda, (Havana, Cuba, 1958), is a multi-disciplinary artist, professor and art critic based in Miami and Havana. Her work includes painting, installations, photography, among others. She … +

Visual Arts

Eccentric Visions Are Featured at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries

Through Tue Jul 31, 2018

Four artists with unique styles and subject matter will be featured in “Eccentric Visions,” the new exhibition at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in downtown Coral Gables. The show goes around the variety we find at interpretation of reality through the arts. Artists featured are Arless Day, whose collages of architecture, landscapes and interiors look almost familiar and oddly mysterious, transcends their subject matter … +

Visual Arts

In terms of Collage at David Castillo Gallery

Thu Jun 7, 2018 - Fri Aug 31, 2018

David Castillo Gallery exhibits In terms of collage, a group exhibition with works by Sanford Biggers, Kate Gilmore, Francie Bishop Good, Quisqueya Henriquez, Susan Lee-Chun, Kalup Linzy, Pepe Mar, and Shinique Smith.The show explores the expanded possibilities of collage as medium, pictorial strategy, and storytelling device in the 21st century. The legacy of collage is codified alongside that of the readymade. Emerging … +

Visual Arts

Linda Lopez’ Intermission at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Jun 2-Jul 21, 2018

Linda Lopez creates works that imply familiarity without being specific. Linda Lopez creates spaces. Her works are sculptural vignettes. Each piece corresponds to the other in a kind of object dialog that feels vaguely familiar but at the same time is refreshingly unique. Her works invite touch and exploration that engages the viewer to consider further. In her second solo exhibition at … +

Visual Arts

Mindy Solomon Gallery exhibits Mathew McConnell’ February, February

Jun 2-Jul 21, 2018

February, February a solo exhibition by Mathew McConnell. The artist finds hidden messages in the depths of black charcoal. By mimicking pattern and repeating textures he creates a conversation that visually stimulates the viewer. The resulting forms vary between what could be mistaken as a facsimile of another artist’s work and an artwork with a source seemingly outside any individual reference. Mathew … +

Visual Arts

Tom Scicluna’ 6319 NW 2nd Avenue at Nina Johnson

Through Jun 2, 2018

Nina Johnson exhibits  6319 NW 2nd Avenue, Tom Scicluna’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Scicluna continues his practice of sourcing nearby found material and composing it in such a way as to trace new connections between the gallery and surrounding social contexts. The title of the show—a phantom address next to the gallery refers to the continuing effacement of Miami’s urban landscape, and the … +

Visual Arts

Artists Gian Paolo Minelli / Michelle Weinberg at Dot FiftyOne Gallery

Through Jun 17, 2018

Dot Fiftyone Gallery is pleased to announce two simultaneous exhibitions “The Skin of the Cities” by the Swiss photographer Gian Paolo Minelli in gallery one, and “Selections from Something Vast” by Miami based Michelle Weinberg. For Minelli, photography is an instrument for investigating the people and places making up his world. He alternates within a twin-theme register: portrait/self-portrait and urban reality. Minelli has over the … +

Visual Arts

Mindy Solomon Gallery: Noontide by Osamu Kobayashi

Fri Mar 16, 2018 - Sat Apr 28, 2018

Artist Osamu Kobayashi  allows the ebb and flow of material to determine the direction of his work. He uses reductive forms and flat colors to deconstruct the world around him. Aside from aesthetics, his work plays off of abstract ideas in general—spirituality, humor, nature, relationships, psychology, time, and so on. These days, Kobayashi thinks less about meaning and just paints to paint. … +

Visual Arts

Diana Lowenstein exhibits CONTRAPUNTO | COUNTERPOINT

Through Sat 31 Mar, 2018

CONTRAPUNTO | COUNTERPOINT includes works by artists Clemencia Labin and  Alex Trimino. For both artists the materials, crafts and shapes acquire new meanings,  encompassing metaphors such as the pursuit of perfection or the connection between past, present and future through the use of technologies and techniques. For many years Labin’s work dealt with the interaction between color, form and space.  Just as … +

Visual Arts

Tschabalala Self’ SOUR PATCH at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Through Sun 7 Jan, 2018

Thierry Goldberg Gallery inaugurated a new space with artist Tschabalala Self’s first solo show in Miami. Known for her sewn collage and assemblage paintings, which boldly examine contemporary perspectives on femininity, race and gender, Tschabalala Self’s new body of work further explores the environments of identity politics by focusing specifically on bodegas—public storefronts that serve as a hallmark of lower-income Black and … +

Visual Arts

José Bechara: The thickness of the void at Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Sat 2 Dec, 2017 - Tue 31 Jan, 2017

Unpublished works by José Bechara, established Brazilian artist will be on view at Diana Lowenstein Gallery. Under the title “The thickness of the void”, the gallery brings together 18 new paintings produced in 2017, and also recent works with glass developed especially for the show. The exhibition is formed by two different series: one were the artist uses techniques involving acrylics and … +

Visual Arts

Nina Johnson presents Katie Stout: Narcissus

Mon 4 Dec, 2017 - Sat 6 Jan, 2018

Across a range of functional objects, the Brooklyn-based Stout has become one of the most talked about designers of her generation. Whether working within the functional logic of lighting, seating, or shelving, or with mirrored or textile surfaces, Stout recasts the domestic world in her own, singular way—the effects being both absurd and abject, playful and sinister. Stout’s recent work has engaged … +