Candies: Homage to Félix González-Torres. José Manuel Fors on view at Panamerican Art Projects

Through Sat May 4, 2019

Aa tribute, through the piece “Candies. Homage to Félix González Torres. “, to the work of one of the Cuban artists of greater international impact, and with him, to a whole generation that ended up being separated by the circumstances of their time.

Fors’s work is deeply self-referential. He is an artist who uses the family environment in order to find meaning in the past, where inhabit the codes that could unravel that result that is the present. All his work is composed of pieces of information that he is reaping over time, and where nothing is subject to prejudice if it is useful. His first pieces were armed with photos taken by his father. From then on, he began to exploit photography in the manner of a conservative who saves memory, that is, those images were subjected, to infinity, to be photographed and used, again and again, in different series. Recycling memories allowed him to build the memory he wanted because fragments that come from the past make that possible or as if history is not written? Come and see for your self!

March 17 – May 4, 2019
Curated by Alejandro Machado

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