Abstract Diversity in Painting at Art Space Virginia Miller Galleries

Through Tue Jul 30, 2019

Highly accomplished artists with different visions of abstract painting are being exhibited in “Abstract Diversity in Painting”. For its spring show Virginia Miller, owner and director of Greater Miami’s longest-established contemporary fine art gallery, selected three of the gallery’s leading artists: Florian Depenthal, Ned Evans and Linda Touby.

“These artists have been painting for decades and have now reached the mature phase of their careers.” “All three are painting from their personal experiences,”


Depenthal’s paintings have been shown in more than 100 exhibitions throughout Europe as well as in this country. They are represented in the collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum; the Art Institute and the ZKM Museum of Karlsruhe, Germany; the Cultural Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, Germany; the Pfizer International collection; and Lake Point Tower Collection in Chicago; among numerous others.

Ned Evans is a world-class surfer who has travelled the world seeking massive waves. His energetic canvases, inspired by surf and strand, evolved from “natural influences of the ocean, transferring its movement and energy into abstracts of color, strokes, patterns and layers,” according to the artist, who states:

Linda Touby is represented by two series of paintings in this exhibition, her 2006-09 “Homage To Giotto” series, whose canvases replicate the impastoed textures of the 14th Century Italian master’s frescoes, and the more recent “Sidney’s Door” series.
The late Sidney Geist, a highly respected sculptor and author of the definitive book on Constantin Brancusi, had a studio on the same floor as hers . Whenever she looked at the battered white door to his studio, she knew that some day she would paint a series to memorialize her friend and accomplished neighbor.

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