Ernesto García Sánchez: We are like Parallel Lines at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Sat Sep 8, 2018 - Sat Oct 13, 2018

For Ernesto García Sánchez -Painting- brings the idea of the essential, the relationship between the elements of the pictorial medium with synthesis, with pigmentation in its simplest form. The pictorial elements comprise the greatness of their formal simplicity but at the same time, they also have philosophical connotations. Is it not the act of painting, a celebration of the present, an affirmation of being alive? Well, it may also be a way to rediscover the world.

Ernesto Garcias Sanchez b.(1989) in Havana (Cuba). He holds a B.A from Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. He studied drawing, painting, sculpture. He has exhibited extensively in Cuba and participated in the last editions of Havana Biennale. He has also exhibited in UK, Colombia, Korea, and US. Among these exhibitions: Escapando con el paisaje ( Luz y Oficios); El orden de todas las cosas (Galería Galiano) and Binary (Mindy Solomon Gallery), Miami, USA, to mention a few.

Both Galleries

Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

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