Curator’s Voice

By Manuela Gabaldon


The desire for application or expression of human creative skill is as perpetual and basic as our instinct for survival; whether we call it Art or not is where the triviality of it lies. Photographers, painters, and musicians, the obvious artists among us, are usually accredited for the presence and endurance of the arts. But what of its not so obvious propellers? Sociologists, historians, writers– these professionals, just as driven by the arts as the first group, are its not so blatant but undeniably essential participants. Curator Milagros Bello is such a participant. Having earned her PhD in Sociology, with a specialization in Sociology of Art, in 1986 from Sorbonne University in Paris, France, Bello’s contribution to the arts is fruitful, insightful, and incredibly effective. Dr. Bello has offered her experience to museums such as the Jewish Museum of Florida, where she, under the direction of Marzia Zerivitz, curated an exhibition called “El Viaje. The Latin American Families and Artists”. During her time as curator of Hardcore Art Contemporary Space (HACS), Bello organized significant successes like Objecthood (Dec. 2007), Happily Ever After (Dec.2006), and Hardcore Menu Samples and Dishes (Dec. 2005). Now, as leader of CURATOR’S VOICE ART PROJECTS, Dr. Bello works with art institutions, museums, and galleries in the United States and abroad in her efforts to promote the endurance of contemporary art.

Dr. Milagros Bello may be known most for her curatorial efforts, but it is just one of the many hats she wears. In possibly one of her most influential roles, a professor at Florida Atlantic University’s department of Art History and Visual Arts, History of Graphic Design, Dr. Bello forms part of the formation of a new generation of artists. Also, as the senior editor for Arte Al Dia International, from 2001 to 2007, she coordinated writing, editing, and layout for the internationally distributed magazine for which she presently works as an Art Consultant. Fortunately for us, at Arte Al Dia International, Dr. Bello has the opportunity of reaching and influencing audiences worldwide, enriching us with her unique perspective. Having participated in countless other ventures, and formed part of countless other impacting projects, Dr. Bello continues to top herself, staying current through research and her constant presence in the art scene.

Presently, through February 30th, 2009 at 2032 NW 2nd Ave. Miami Fl 33127 Wynwood Art District, CURATOR’S VOICE ART PROJECTS has put together a show called, LIPSTICK, featuring the work of artist Rosario Bond. The artist’s neo-impressionistic paintings, composed of a colorful palette of seemingly effortless brushstrokes, harbor humor and “personal mythologies” whose curiously strange objects lay emphasis on; Bond’s figurative paintings fit perfectly with Dr. Bello’s mission of perpetuating the contemporary arts.

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