David Castillo Gallery will exhibit Shinique Smith

Feb 13 - Mar 28, 2020

Shinique Smith combines fine art media with everyday materials, such as found objects and clothing. She began to include used clothing in her work after reading a New York Times Magazine article about secondhand garments shipped to Africa from thrift stores. She describes her process as a personal one:

“It all begins with emotion, an expression and I allow myself to go on a journey in the making of each work, a journey of associations between object and color, between lyrics and fabric, between the viewer and me.”


Her work gained critical attention when The Studio Museum of Harlem exhibited her first bale sculpture in Frequency in 2005, an exhibition that helped launch the careers of other artists of Smith’s generation such as, Nick Cave, Kalup Linzy, Xaviera Simmons and Hank Willis Thomas.

Smith is represented by David Castillo Gallery

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