Pan American Art Projects presents Carbon, by Serlian Barreto

April 2 -July 2, 2022

Carbón, by Serlian Barreto, is a series composed of work produced over the last two years as a homage to his grandfather, who is a life-long producer and exporter of coal in Cuba. Barreto grew up with his grandfather and gained in-depth knowledge of the specifics of turning organic materials into coal, to later be used as fuel: from gathering raw materials, to the characteristics of the ecosystem in which the burning takes place, he absorbed it all. His paintings resemble a giant notebook depicting the process: the routines of production, are magnified through his artist’s eyes.

Serlian Barreto was born in Cuba and lives and works in the United States. He graduated from the San Alejandro Art Academy, Havana. His work has been exhibited in several galleries in Cuba, at the Havana Biennial, and at institutions in Naples, Italy. Private collections include Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) and Jorge M. Perez Collection.

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