Diana Lowenstein exhibits CONTRAPUNTO | COUNTERPOINT

Through Sat 31 Mar, 2018

CONTRAPUNTO | COUNTERPOINT includes works by artists Clemencia Labin and  Alex Trimino. For both artists the materials, crafts and shapes acquire new meanings,  encompassing metaphors such as the pursuit of perfection or the connection between past, present and future through the use of technologies and techniques.

For many years Labin’s work dealt with the interaction between color, form and space.  Just as important as the work itself was the atmosphere surrounding it. Examples such as Confeti; Mi Cuadro; Pasta; Cassata, where  commonly the figures seem to blend with their backgrounds creating optic movement and different textures and color fields are put together with heavy  borderlines. The Pulpa Chic Series began in 2001 with partly quilted (meaty) object-paintings using cloths and acrylic paint.  They had a sort of pop prefabricated beautiful look that reflects today’s values and way of life, in which nature is often modified to achieve the ultimate desired artificial perfection.

Alex Trimino presents illuminated totem poles, covered in crochet, knittings and found objects reveal the similarities between the modern, hi-tech materials used (micro-controlled neon lights) and the colloquial, lo-tech crafts used (crochet, knittings and weavings); creating an equilibrium between traditions, technologies and generations. Old ways and new technologies commingle together; exploring how we connect to reality today. Using embroidery and technology a connection between past and present is created. Trimino’ particular interested is placed in comparing the hyperbolic geometry used intuitively in crochet with the hyperbolic geometry used in programming microcontrollers in order to show the similarities between old traditions and new technologies, while emphasizing the contemporary relevancy of  crafts.

Diana Lowenstein
2043 North Miami Avenue
Miami FL 33127

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