Diana Lowenstein exhibits Reima Nevalainen

Sat 9 Sep, 2017 - Mon 30 Oct, 2017

The young Finnish artist Reima Nevalainen has compared his work to the study of both anatomy and archeology. His dark and existentially loaded works fall somewhere between painting and collage. Using unconventional materials such as cardboard and sand, he depicts bodies twisted in impossible poses, with faces smudged and barely perceptible in a muted palette of gray, sepia, and dusty red.

Nevalainen was honored with Finland’s Young Artist of the Year 2016 award, a distinction that brought him a solo show at Tampere Art Museum. This award was intended to honor artists under 35 with an international appeal. Nevalainen is primarily focused on painting, which has garnered him acclaim in his native country and is beginning to draw attention from other parts of the globe. His unsettling assemblages of mutated humans are viscerally driven, for Nevalainen, the way a moment is remembered, is often more interesting than the physical reality of that moment.

Diana Lowenstein
2043 North Miami Avenue
Miami FL 33127

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