A Crack in the Moon: The Art of Alette Simmons-Jimenez
Through May 8, 2022

The work of multidisciplinary Miami-based artist, Alette Simmons-Jiménez, is rooted in a tradition that values vision as well as craft. Her work celebrates the physicality of the handmade while incorporating tangible spiritual components from our natural surroundings. On receiving a BFA from Newcomb College/Tulane (New Orleans) she relocated to the Dominican Republic and began a studio practice. Eventually relocating to the Dominican … +

Visual Arts

Blue Fades To Brown Fades To Violet by artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez at ArtCenter/South Florida
Through Sun 3 Jun, 2018

Alette Simmons-Jimenez’s work is motivated by the dynamic relationships between shapes, form, and color resulting from a spontaneous integration of the known and the unknown. Beginning with layering, overlapping, and binding things together, Simmons-Jimenez then physically tears her work apart to see what abstractions are revealed. Her approach uses the traditional elements of color, composition, line, and form to consider human vulnerability … +

Visual Arts

PLUSH at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
Through Sun 20 May, 2018

As an annual installation dedicated to Pleasurable, Lush, Utilitarian, Subjects of Humanity, PLUSH is a tactile mindscape. In its second year, Center Curator, Laura Marsh drafted an open call to artists. Artists who submitted incorporate overlooked materials and objects that symbolize gender roles and domesticity. Artists included are Dava Lipsky Cars; Nicole Czapinski; Gianna Dibartolomeo; Virginia Fifield; Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez; Alette Simmons-Jimenez; Nick … +


Deering Estate presents "Intersections" contemporary art exhibition during the Festival of the Arts
Apr 16, 3:30 - 10:00pm

The Deering Estate presents Intersections – a thought-provoking exhibition of site-specific works by more than two dozen notable contemporary artists that bridge past and present, nature and the man-made. Part of the Deering Estate’s annual Festival of the Arts, Intersections offers visitors an opportunity to experience artworks inspired by crossroads, both physical and metaphorical, throughout the Estate’s varied and expansive outdoor and … +


Cortaditos – 6:6

March 26, 2014, 7:00pm – 9:00pm Video Shorts curated by Alette Simmons-Jimenez & Cristina Ghetti. Participating Artists from MIAMI, FL, USA: Moira Holohan, Cristina Pettersson


Hotter Than A Match Head

Artformz Alternative. From Jun 9th through Sep 1st, 2009. Back in 1966 the rock group Lovin Spoonful couldn’t have described our streets of the Wynwood Art District better: Hot town, summer in the cityBack of my neck getting dirt and grittyBeen down, isn’t it a pityDoesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city


Artformz Alternative

From Mar 14th through Apr 5th, 2009.  Artformz Alternative presents the exhibition The Making of Giants where the original 10 artists from the "Giants in the City" Miami 2008 Premier Exhibit, present their sketches and designs on paper and other medium that led up to each artist's final design and large scale inflatable sculpture for the acclaimed exhibition.


Arformz Alternative goes to Wynwood

Inaugural Show. From Jun 14th through Jul 2008.Artformz Alternative begins its 5th year with an exhibit that celebrates the new Wynwood Art District location and the venue’s evolution. The inaugural exhibition will be Diverse Works, and will highlight the acclaimed artist run collective’s new organizational plan and the new work of its recently selected upper level members.


Hardcore Art Contemporary Space

Objecthood. Visions in Contemporary Art. From Dec 1st, 2007 through Feb, 2008. Objecthood. Visions in Contemporary Art, on view at Hardcore Contemporary Space, is a survey on the function and the power of objects in contemporary art. The exhibition presents three-dimensional pieces, installations, and assemblages revealing the inner quality of the object, its ontological resonance and its metaphorical intensity in the latest trends … +


Enter Artformz Alternative

A conversation with Alette Simmons-Jimenez 2004. Alette Simmons-Jimenez created Artformz Alternative art space at Miami Design District. Since then, the artist has been continually invigorating it with collaborative exhibitions. I’m now entering Artformz, two years after its creation. I’m really keen about getting the insight of her artist space model.