Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

Horacio Sapere and Felice Grodin From Feb 10th through Mar 6th, 2007Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts opens two solo exhibitions during the Wynwood Art District’s second Saturday gallery walk. On view in the main gallery will be Horacio Sapere: Paisaje Provisional and Felice Grodin: Cartographies in the project room. Sapere’s newest series of work falls under the metaphoric title of Paisaje Provisional where the idea of landscape is collapsed into the intimate space of domestic furniture, the table. In this way, interior and exterior interpenetrate on a perceptual and psychological level anchored in the perceiving subject. This is close to what André Breton one called the ‘communicating vessels’. Sapere is no Surrealist, yet, like Breton, he insists on the reality of mental phenomena as expressed in painting,: a medium at one material and mental. In the project room, Felice Grodin presents her solo exhibit titled Cartographies. Borrowing from and subverting her training as an architect, Grodin is interested in exploring a process that merges the physical and mental landscape. Rather than using the Renaissance ideal of the one-point perspective, Grodin depicts a multiplicity of lines both extruded and intersecting, which requires the viewer to constantly reposition themselves. For more information, please call: 305.576.1804

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