Miami Art+Design (MA+D) premieres February 14-18, 2014

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February 14-18, 2014

The Fair takes place in a new waterside pavilion “in the round” at downtown’s Bayfront Park. Organized by IFAE in collaboration with the French SNA (organizers of the Paris Biennale) , MA+D is Miami’s most elegant fine art event and will feature prestigious international dealers presenting art and design of all periods.

The fair will feature the best of American and European art and design. “The fair will be especially attractive to collectors, architects, and designers from throughout the United States and Latin America,” said Christian Deydier, President of the SNA. “Miami is a vibrant, exciting city that has become a major cultural meeting point for the Americas.”

IFAE will guide the fair along with a Committee of SNA members and international galleries including: Galerie Alain Marcelpoil (Paris) | Galerie Dumonteil (Paris) | Galerie Jacques Bailly (Paris) | Galerie Vallois (Paris + New York) | AANW (Miami) | Moretti Fine Art (Florence + London + NY) | Peter Finer (London) | Phoenix Ancient Art (New York) | Richard Green (London) | Robilant + Voena (London + Milan) | Stair Sainty Gallery (London) | Tambaran Gallery (NY) | Toninelli Art Moderne (Monaco).

MA+D’s convenient downtown location is in the heart of the arts & entertainment district and within walking distance to some of Miami’s finest restaurants and hotels.

February 13 | Opening Night Vernissage benefiting the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum

6:30-8:30pm | First View: $250pp
8:30-11:00pm | Collectors’ Invitational: $150pp
For tickets & details, call the Frost at: 305-348-2254

air Days & Hours

Friday, February 14
2 pm – 10 pm

Saturday, February 15
2 pm – 10 pm

Sunday, February 16
2 pm – 10 pm

Monday, February 17
2 pm – 10 pm

Tuesday, February 18
2 pm – 8 pm

One Day Ticket $15 online, $20 at door
Multi-Day Ticket $25 online, $30 at door
Please call or email: Ximena Gallegos 305-348-2254 |


Olga de Amaral: The Mantle of Memory by Agnes Monplaisir

Agnes looks at the work of this famous Colombian artist, now 82 years old, who has been at the forefront of Latin-American abstraction since the 1960s. Her work is in many major museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Renwick Gallery of the National Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting by Michael Goedhuis

For the last 20 years, Michael Goedhuis has been at the forefront of the popularization of contemporary Chinese art. Goedhuis will examine that tradition, its relevance today, and how new works can be combined with ancient material. Goedhuis has held many exhibitions on the new Chinese brush painters, most recently at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2013.

Collecting your own Hermitage Museum by Alexander Kruglov, Ph.D.

Alexander will talk about about the collectors interests of Catherine the Great, the beginning of the Hermitage Museum collection of antiquities, and what masterpieces of ancient art can be found on today’s art and antiquities market.

Wendy Maruyama: Art + Design as Advocacy

Wendy Maruyama has been making furniture/art since 1970. Her work is often inspired by extended residencies and visits to various countries such as France, England, Japan, Korea and China. Born in Colorado to second-generation Japanese American parents, her work vaccilates between creating works that emulate and satirize contemporary Japan, among other cultures. Her newest work, “Executive Order 9066”, is influenced by personal and family history and addresses the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans in 1942.


The relatively recent development and market prominence of contemporary indigenous painting and sculpture had been making news throughout Australia, but was little known in the UK. While travelling in Australian in the early 1990’s, Jennifer and her husband, purchased a major work by Freddie Timms “Sugar Bag,” (acrylic on canvas, 180 x 230 cm) painted during Freddie’s time working with Frank Watters (Watters Gallery) in Sydney in the late 1990’s.

Living with this magical painting in their collection was the single catalyst for her to begin exhibiting and selling contemporary art in London in the new millennium.

Jennifer travels to Australia each year visiting remote indigenous communities as well as seeing old friends including curators, collectors and artists. Her work in the United Kingdom aims to establish a greater awareness of the best indigenous work and contribute to building a stronger market for ethically sourced, contemporary Australian indigenous, fine art.
Purchase Tickets

One Day Ticket $15 online, $20 at door
Multi-Day Ticket $25 online, $30 at door

Miami Art+Design (MA+D)
Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

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