Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Coffee Date screening November 22nd, 2006The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival will host a screening of the film Coffee Date at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach as part of their Monthly Screening Series. Coffee Date has screened in over twenty five international film festivals and features a stellar cast that includes Wilson Cruz, Sally Kirkland and Debbie Gibson. Filmmaker Stewart Wade has made a joyously funny film about friendship, sexuality, perceptions and self discovery; Coffee Date is a refreshingly sweet movie that reminds us life could always be more complicated. Coffe Date portrays the story of Todd Muller’s life. This character just got divorced and the cute girl he works with doesn’t even know he exists. His brother Barry has moved into his living room, sleeping on the couch, drinking, and watching TV all day. When unbeknownst to Todd, Barry places a personal ad on a gay online dating site as a practical joke, Todd finds himself on a coffee date with Kelly, a fiery Latino hair dresser. The unlikely pair?s mutual love of movies leads to friendship and they decide to turn the joke back on Barry and make him think they slept together. The plan soon back fires when everyone in Todd’s life is convinced he’s gay including his mother and co-workers who suddenly take an interest in his personal life and are frantically trying to show their support. Kelly becomes his confidante while Todd tries desperately to prove his attraction to the opposite sex, yet there are no believers and soon even he isn’t quite sure. For more information, please call: 305.531.2117

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