Miami Light Projects

Emio Greco | PC’s Hell From May 8th through May 9th, 2007Miami Light Projects presents two evenings of performances by choreographer Emio Greco | PC at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach. The program will feature Greco’s newest piece of dance/theater entitled Hell, which is inspired by the literary works of Dante and Sartre and features a complex musical soundscape that spans from Beethoven to Swing. Hell explodes on stage with writhing sequined bodies, pulsating sound and light. Italian choreographer Emio Greco and Dutch theatre director Pieter C. Scholten have worked together in their search for new dance forms since 1995. Their curiosity about the body and its inner motives serves as the starting point of the dance. Their work belongs in the domain of contemporary dance even as it incorporates, transforms and questions classical elements in a constantly changing context. Greco and Scholten make a contemporary dance that cuts its own path through established paradigms. For more information, please call: 305.576.4350

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