Concrete or Abstract

Artistic Endeavors at Gallery 128 From Apr 27th through May 7th, 2007Gallery 128, located at 2633 A NW 20th Street in Wynwood Art District, is presenting the exhibition Concrete or Abstract. Artistic Endeavors, featuring the work of Johnny Robles and Gustavo Oviedo. For the artists, the objective of this exhibit is to reveal that figurative and abstract can be used to portray a common idea. Even though the two bodies of work contrast in style, both seek to make viewers think about intangible subject matters that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Johnny Robles’ work exposes irrational juxtaposed colors and forms in nature that one can sometimes over look. His philosophy of work reveals that expression is achieved through diverse mood elements ranging from ambient lighting to harmony of color and tones. His work evokes mysticism and reconstruction of objects and imagery, all demanding interaction and a non-confrontational response from the viewer. Gustavo Oviedo’s work seeks to describe things that are all around us but cannot be seen without the use of machines. Things like particles, microorganisms, sound waves and binary systems that may revitalize the viewer’s perception attention to detail. His work creates complex results by the use of basic techniques that become the principal motif of his work. The overall result is an intricate network of usually monochromatic curves, markings and signs of unique abstract symbolism. For more information, please call: 786.486.2445

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