New York Designer First Children's Book 'Dot' will Inspire Readers Both Young and Old

altPatricia Intriago, Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School alumnus and Miami native, returns home to launch her first children’s book ‘Dot.’ Intriago will visit Miami again in November and speak with students at her alma mater as well as participate in the Miami Book Fair International.

Dot’ is the perfect book for beginner readers and design-minded adults. Using the simple shape of a dot, Intriago is able to express a range of opposite relationships. Some dots are loud, and some are quiet. Some are happy, and some are sad. Some dots even taste yummy, while others taste bad. The text is rhythmic and spare, allowing Intriago’s ingenious graphics to shine. The book has received early praise from book reviewers and well-known figures such as Caldecott Medal winner Lane Smith, Christoph Niemann, and graphic designer Milton Glaser.

Patricia Intriago graduated from ACND in 1982 and her father, Charles Intriago, in 1960. She credits her English teacher Ms. Bardino for inspiring her then and still being a friend today. Upon graduating from ACND, she attended and received a BA majoring in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Intriago has since worked and lived in New York City to be among some of the world’s top designers. After working for 14 years in the global marketing department of a Big Four accounting firm, she opened her own graphic design firm – Intriago Design.

It has always been a personal choice to step out of her comfort zone. Intriago hopes to inspire other students to do the same. “Even though Miami is a wonderfully diverse city, it’s always beneficial to step away from home in order to see things from a different perspective. When you adopt a broader view of the world, you gain a deeper appreciation for people’s differences. Employers look for candidates that possess the open-mindedness and awareness that you can gain when you’ve taken that step outside your comfort zone,” commented Intriago.



Dot’ was conceived when she opened Intriago Design. She needed to demonstrate that she was capable of designing for clients other than financial services firms. “Once I began working on it, I liked it more and more and decided to see if someone might be interested in publishing it,’ explains Intriago.

However, the true inspiration for her book resulted from nightly storytime with her two sons. On nights when it was difficult to hold their attention, she would take out a pen and paper and play guessing games based on spontaneous drawings. The drawings were then eventually generated into a collection of computer-generated images that eventually resulted in a book idea.

Patricia Intriago will be speaking about her career choice to Archbishop Curley Notre Dame 6 to 12 Prep students on November 21, 2011 and then she and some ACND student leaders will visit a parish school to read her book to a group of prekindergarten students.

The community and media are invited to attend her book launch event at The Bookstore in the Grove on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. For more information and to download a flyer, visit



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