Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival 2006

From Nov 30th through Dec 10th, 2006This year the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival is bringing 33 films from nine countries at three theatres with extra screenings at night and early matinees. Alongside the Florida and Palm Beach premieres, the festival highlights two North American newcomers: King of Beggars, a swashbuckler that combines Samurai sword fighting with kaballah martial arts; and Zorro’s Bar Mitzvah, an ironic look at this rite of passage today in Austria and Germany. As always, the festival promises to please everyone from romantic comedies and heart-warming to gritty Israeli features and political films. One function of film is to take us where we can’t go, to see things through the director’s lens, in a way we couldn’t and to gain new insights into people and the world. The fact that you do this in a dark theatre, sitting next to strangers and emerge feeling part of a community is one of the wonders of the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival. For more information, please visit:

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