Pan American Art Projects presents Memories, by Lisandra Ramirez

April 2 -July 2, 2022

Memories, by Lisandra Ramirez, is curated by Gabriela Azcuy and it is a reconstruction of the memory of the artist’s childhood, where the objects are not recreated as they are, but as they are remembered, sometimes as collages or fused images. “In her artistic practice, the child’s object —in most cases reimagined — blends with the remains of historic porcelain, cutlery, and a miscellany of cultural artifacts to illuminate the narrative between reality and a dream world. This tension allows her to mediate a dialogue of distinct relationships between the artisanal and the technological, the past and the present, the current over-explosion of images and information, the public and private space, power relations, fashion, emigration.

Ramirez’ work emerges through the memory of her material and visual culture.” (Gabriela Azcuy) Lisandra Ramírez was born in Havana in 1986. She graduated from the San Alejandro Art Academy of Havana in 2007 and the Higher Art Institute of Havana (ISA) in 2012. Ramírez has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Cuba
and abroad. Her work is in institutional and private collections throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

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