Arformz Alternative goes to Wynwood

Inaugural Show. From Jun 14th through Jul 2008.Arformz Alternative. Miami Art GalleriesArtformz Alternative begins its 5th year with an exhibit that celebrates the new Wynwood Art District location and the venue’s evolution. The inaugural exhibition will be Diverse Works, and will highlight the acclaimed artist run collective’s new organizational plan and the new work of its recently selected upper level members.

With the new space comes new programming that will focus on the creation of projects enhancing artistic exchange. The newly formed “Artist Partners” will explore and propose new possibilities for contemporary practices. These partners have been chosen based on the strength of their artistic pursuits and on their willingness to take an active roll in enhancing the practice, production, dissemination and collaboration of artists and community. A new program “Artist as Curator” will be initiated in the coming months. In an effort to maintain open doors to underrepresented and undiscovered younger talent Artformz maintains a secondary level of participation with a select group of “Artist Associates”.

“Diverse Works” brings together new work by the Artformz Artist Partners, encompassing pieces created in a broad range of media. Contemporary work in painting, drawing, textiles, photography, constructed assemblage, and light are represented. The exhibit includes the work of artists Fabian De La FLor, Natasha Duwin, Donna Haynes, Anja Marais, Alejandro Mendoza, PJ Mills, Ray Paul, Natalia Reparaz, Rosario Rivera-Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez and Chieko Tanemura. The works address a variety of themes including sociopolitical issues, feminine perspectives, and reconstructed realties.

For more information, please call: 305.572.0040

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