Hardcore Art Contemporary Space

Objecthood. Visions in Contemporary Art. From Dec 1st, 2007 through Feb, 2008.

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami ArtsObjecthood. Visions in Contemporary Art, on view at Hardcore Contemporary Space, is a survey on the function and the power of objects in contemporary art. The exhibition presents three-dimensional pieces, installations, and assemblages revealing the inner quality of the object, its ontological resonance and its metaphorical intensity in the latest trends on contemporary art. The show presents politically charged works that exist somewhere between the realms of fantasy and reality.

Objecthood reviews the object condition in the art field, and examines its inner state as perceived by the viewer. It focuses and valorizes the object by their nature and their inner properties. Each work presents an internal coherence that congregates polemical connotations. Each of its elements alludes to critical factors of our surrounding world. Each participating artist proposes a crucial interrogation of our society.

More than twenty artists apprehend crucial segments of our society through their use or their manipulation of objects. There are a great variety of materials, often using what is at hand, from industrial, fabrics and found objects to sophisticate and meticulous creations in which the object becomes axial protagonist. Participant artists are Aisen Chacin, Adriana Carvalho, Aleksandra Ska, Alette Simmons-Jimenez , Andres Michelena, Angel Dicosola, Carl Pascuzzi, Carolina Sanhelli, Ena Marrero, Grimanesa Amoros, Hye Rim Lee, JLo, Jonathan Stein, Leszek Knaflewski , Milcho (Veronica Milchorena), Nina Dotti, Pepe Lopez, Rafael Gonzalez Moreno, Rochi Llaneza, Rogelio Baez, Stephanie Werner, Suzzane Scherer and Pavel Ouporov, among others.

For more information, please call: 305.576.1645

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