By Manuela Gabaldon

I have always been puzzled by the thought of “stage fright”: isn’t the very idea of a stage one that offers a platform of relative anonymity? I say “relative” because performers do not necessarily wear … +

Agustina Woodgate

Performance at Spinello Gallery. Jul 16th, 2009. Spinello Gallery recently presented On My Knees, a photo-performance by Miami’s own Agustina Woodgate. Woodgate once again invited the audience to her photo shoot – experiencing a daunting … +

Nue Studio

Alexander Gassel. From Nov 8th through Dec 7th, 2008. Alexander Gassel's work is a surrealistic dance of old symbols and contemporary subjects reflecting life experiences of a Russian artist in America. You might have seen … +

David Rohn

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art. From Apr 18th through May 10th, 2008. Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents Marry me – Western Union; a performance and new works by Miami artist David Rohn. Marry me – Western … +